Shokawa Galette

OPEN! October 4th 2021

A galette speciality restaurant in "ryokan shosuikan" in Hida Takayama.

Uses buckwheat flour from the local Hida Takayama Shokawa.


Lunch combo

Soup・Galette with Salad・Soft drink

Choose  one galette from above.


 "Galette complet"          ("Shokawa Sakura Egg"・Ham・Blemded cheese)

 "Vegetable Galette"       (Seasonal vesetable・"Shokawa Sakura Egg・Blended Cheese)

 "Mushroom Galette"        (kinds of mushrooms・Bacon・Shokawa Sakura Egg・Blended cheese)

Roll combo

Soup・Rolled galette・Roll Sushi

Galette & Soba noodle

Local Soba noodle・Galette

Selected ingredients

   Gruyere cheese

This is cheese native to "Gruyere" region of Switzerland, that has much of richness and "Umami". We blend 3kinds of cheese for galettes.

We can also make it with 100% Gruyere cheese for an additional fee, so please ask the stuff. 

Shokawa Sakura Egg

Hashimoto Pouitry Farm in our "Shokawa town" They feed local rice for chikens"

We use their "Shokawa Sakura Egg" for galettes.


Salt of Guerande

The salt made from seawater in Guerande, Brittany, France is  rare salt that floats on the surface of the salt pans and is carefully hand-printed like picking petals of small white crystals.

Local "Shokawa town Buckwheat"

Hida Takayama Shokawa stone milled buckwheat flour


We use a blend of lacal Shokawa stone milled buckwheat flour and domestic buckwheat flour for galettes.


Store Guide

We are open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in "Ryokan Shosuikan"